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one more night;
icons by ellie
Recent Entries 
8th-Jan-2011 05:02 pm - MOVING!
(art) like a lollipop
Hey, from now on I will no longer post my icons here!
They will instead be at

So if you want to see any more icons I make, please WATCH that comm.
I hope to have a batch up within the next few days btw :3
7th-Nov-2010 05:12 pm - ( 26 ICONS )
(art) like a lollipop
this is a sad and pathetic excuse for an icon post orz
the numbers for the icons are above them, you can highlight to see...

18 ♡ Fire Emblem 8
8 ♡ Misc (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Ace Attorney, Pokémon, Lady Gaga)

let me feel the sunshine of your loveCollapse )
17th-Aug-2010 11:29 pm - ( 52 icons )
(art) like a lollipop
ehehe so I haven't made icons in... forever... but I did these ; ;
so, um, enjoy? (unsure...)

oh and jsyk it's me and_sparks_fly, same person different account :3

39 ☆ Pokémon (17 = fanart from my december, 22 = Explorers of Sky fanart)
9 ☆ Kuroshitsuji (all Grell)
4 ☆ misc (see tags)

together forever, no matter how longCollapse )
25th-Apr-2010 08:39 pm - 004.
( sexy )
um these suck lol
feel free to shoot me or whatever... also i like SNSD

7 axis powers hetalia
16 CLAMP art (xxxholic, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, chobits)
9 revolutionary girl utena

i never knew about your red hornsCollapse )
7th-Mar-2010 09:55 pm - 003.
( neutral )
Lots this time, but it took me a while to put them together.
DUDE yeah the code is messed up, but you can still see all the icons, right? I'll fix it later, I just want to get this post up before I go to bed.

37 ☆ VOCALOID - Hatsune Miku Nebula PV
21 ☆ Pokémon
9 ☆ Misc. (Ace Attorney, Evgeni Plushenko)

harglebargleCollapse )
4th-Feb-2010 06:32 pm - 002.
( neutral )
I'll keep trying... these look weird to me, but whatever. I hope you like them regardless

18 ☆ Axis Powers Hetalia
8 ☆ Pokémon
6 ☆ Soul Eater

then i saw a face i've seen beforeCollapse )
21st-Jan-2010 05:58 pm - 001.
( neutral )
This is my first time making icons, so I didn't do that many. Later on, I'll make larger batches of them.

1-11 Axis Powers Hetalia
12-16 Pokémon
17-19 misc, see tags

we struggle till we are brokenCollapse )
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